Clean tensile cuts every time, with the JDC Precision Sample Cutter.

The Thwing-Albert JDC Precision Sample Cutter is widely recognized as the preferred sample preparation tool for tensile testing of thin sheeted materials due to the cutting accuracy.  So, how did the JDC win that reputation?  Lots of attention to detail for the blades and a strict quality control process.

When the JDC cuts test strips, they are an exact width and parallel throughout their entire length. The positive cutting action of the dual blades and precision ground base shear cut both sides of the sample at once assuring a clean, accurate cut every time. The cutting blades are made of high-quality tool steel which is stress relieved by cycling between cold and hot temperatures to prevent the blades from warping.  Customers can select from models to cut widths of 1/8 to 3 inches and strip lengths of 10, 12, or 16 inches. 

Recently, Thwing-Albert expanded capabilities to machine the cutting blades on-site expediting the process while gaining more control of the grinding procedure.  A new automatic precision surface grinding machine was purchased to run the finishing process on the JDC Cutter blades.  The company goal was to improve the turnaround for customer orders while adding to quality checks and balances.  The blades go through several processes and the final step is grinding the cutting edge to create the clean and precise cut that the JDC strip cutter is known for industry-wide. 

A universal testing machine is a powerful tool for testing, but it is important to remember that the test results rely upon the quality of the sample preparation.  When results matter the JDC Precision Sample Cutter from Thwing-Albert ranks among the best.

Comparison between the JDC & MTT results