Watch Demos from PackExpo Connects 2020

Critical packaging testing will help maintain efficiency and flexibility when developing new products or refining the process of existing materials. This year as PackExpo goes virtual – you can have a chance to join our live demos from the comfort of your own office (wherever that may be right now).

Materials Testers for Increased Quality and Profitability

The Vantage-NX line of materials testers has become an integral part of testing and R&D facilities globally due to its versatility, accuracy, and affordability to accommodate both routine and custom test methods. The combination of the Vantage-NX and MAP4 Software provides a powerful testing platform material evaluation such as tensile, elongation, seal/peel strength, COF, and puncture resistance. Rapid data generation and reporting provide the critical information required to adjust production lines, increase quality, and reduce waste.

Measurement Technologies for Puncture/Tear Resistance

As packaging designs need to withstand vigorous handling during manufacturing and transportation, the ability to resist puncture and tear is critical. It is imperative that both material suppliers and converters be able to accurately measure these attributes quickly, accurately, and easily. We will present various testing methods and instrumentation that include falling dart impact, Elmendorf Tear and Spencer Impact, and slow-rate puncture resistance. These instruments allow users to quickly analyze their material and packages for resistance to puncture and tear.

Accurate Testers for Seal, Peel and COF Analysis

Manufacturers and material suppliers for flexible packaging understand the importance of meeting the demands for safe, reliable, and cost-effective packaging while maintaining critical aspects such as seal integrity, lamination strength, and COF. The Model 2260 Friction/Peel Tester is a versatile instrument providing capabilities to perform all these tests on a compact, standalone instrument while reporting accurate, concise data. Software is available to provide custom test method creation, graphing, and data archiving to an SQLite database.

Efficient Solutions for Evaluating Paper Based Packaging

Explore testing solutions for paper, paperboard, and corrugated materials that include instrumentation to measure thickness, tear resistance, burst strength, score bend strength, and opening force. In addition, precise and efficient sample preparation tools will be discussed that included our precision twin blade guillotine cutter and pneumatically operated die cutters.