240-15B Alfa Cutter Now Available for Sample Preparation.

West Berlin, NJ (January 6, 2014) – Thwing-Albert Instrument Company is now offering an additional pneumatic sample preparation tool - the Alfa Cutter 240-15B.  

This cutter can apply up to 15 tons of pressure allowing larger samples to be cut quickly using a steel rule die. The 240-15B Alfa Cutter is a pneumatic press style cutter used to cut samples for materials testing.  Cut multiple samples at once with multiple configurations on one die.  Now customers can cut thicker and larger samples with a maximum sample size of 10” x 22”.  Dual buttons require the user to press and hold both simultaneously to engage the platens to cut a sample safely.

Customers have the option to add a steel die wear plate to assure that the cuts are clean and extend the life of the upper platen.  Additionally, there is a heavy duty stand and table top surface available that lines up perfectly with the cutting deck allowing materials to slide in and out of the cutter with ease.  The new 240-15B Alfa Cutter is available now.  For more information contact our office at sales@thwingalbert.com or 856-767-1000.