Rapid Ink Proofing Kit – Replacement for DOE Kits

The QuickPeek Color Proofing Kit is a direct replacement for the DOE Kit.

If you are searching for a DOE Kit replacement you have been directed here becuase the company closed its business.  

Thwing-Albert manufactures these kits in the United States and they are a direct replacement for the DOE Industries Kit. 

The QuickPeek Color Proofing Kit can quickly produce a proof that replicates how ink will appear on a printed copy from the press.


The kit consists of:

  • a smooth flat plate
  • a steel measuring bar and plunger for obtaining an accurate predetermined volume of ink
  • a steel spatula for filling the measuring bar
  • pipe cleaners for cleaning the holes in the measuring bar

(Note: Roller Assembly not included must be purchased separately) 

The roller assembly (not included), must be purchased separately [Part # 116-0022], consists of a nitrile pvc blend roller that will work with conventional, hybrid, and UV inks. The roller is used to distribute the ink on the plate and make a proof.

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