Selladoras Térmicas CeraTek

The CeraTek line of medical pouch and tray sealers is ideal for a variety of applications including material testing, plastic film evaluation and quality control. These bar and tray heat sealers can be used for wide range of industries including plastic film manufacturers, converters, printing ink companies, chemical companies, and consumer product manufacturers.

These laboratory heat sealers are available in various configurations and seal die patterns to meet most applications including:
  • 12” and 24” seal length
  • Single-zone
  • Four-zone
  • Eight-zone
  • Flat, serrated, and custom sealing dies
  • Top heat only
  • Top and bottom heated dies
  • Gradient heat ranges models
  • Dedicated blister sealers and thermoformers
  • Adjustable sealing pressure
  • Adjustable temperature (up to 400F) and dwell time

CeraTek laboratory heat sealers conform to ASTM F2029 Test Method:
Standard Practices for Making Heatseals for Determination of Heatsealability of Flexible Webs as Measured by Seal Strength.