Aditamento para Coeficiente de Fricción

Ofrecemos Coeficiente de Fricción partidos y trineos para el Vantage EJA tracción Tester, QC-3A Materiales Tester, Tester y el 1270 PCA Puntuación de Bend. El mobiliario COF puede ser utilizado para la película de plástico, papel, cartón y más.

769-3000 Coefficient of Friction Fixture

The 769-3000 COF Fixture measures the static and kinetic friction of materials. The fixture uses a grip adapter and horizontal platform to slide a material over itself to obtain the measurements. It complies with several industry standards, including:

  • TAPPI T816
  • TAPPI T549
  • ISO 8295
  • ASTM D4521
  • ASTM D1894

Technicians can use the fixture with our VantageNX Tensile Strength Testing Machine and QC-3A Universal Testing Machine. A COF sled will need to be ordered separately. We offer several to accommodate various testing requirements, including 200-gram sleds, 500-gram sleds, 3-ball sleds and 3-pound sleds along with custom sleds to meet user specific needs.

225-3024 Heated Platen

The 225-3024 Heated Platen measures the coefficient of friction at elevated temperatures. Material adhesive and COF properties of materials can be affected by temperature, so the heated platen mimics these effects for testing purposes. Technicians can set a temperature to 350 degrees Fahrenheit (176 degrees Celsius) and test the sample using the 180-degree peel hook and stainless steel test plates.

This heated platen is compatible with all Thwing-Albert tensile strength testers. The COF sled is available separately, so technicians can choose the correct one based on their unique testing requirements.

Contact Thwing-Albert for COF Gauges and Fixtures

Thwing-Albert has over 120 years of experience in instrumentation for measuring the coefficient of friction. We have the equipment your operations need for efficient and accurate testing. Our team will help you select a COF fixture or gauge compatible with your sample material and testing requirements. Contact us online for a free quote or more information.