Equipos de ensayo para la medición del espesor.

ProGage Thickness Tester

The ProGage Thickness Tester measures the thickness of sheeted materials, including plastic film, textiles, toweling and tissue. Its rigid mechanical design promotes parallel accuracy between the pressure foot and anvil, zero stability and calibration.

Its advanced technology records accurate measurements utilizing a precision LVDT while testing efficiency is maintained with its dual-speed pressure foot, which allows the instrument to perform up to 20 test cycles per minute.

Several testing presets are available to configure measuring speed distance, pressure foot speed and dwell along with interchangeable pressure feet and weights, allowing operators to configure the machine to specific testing standards from ASTM, TAPPI, ISO, DIN and others.

The ProGage can be supplied with optional accessories including an Automatic Sample Feeder, data acquisition software, printer and foot operated test switch.

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