Rasgado Elmendorf

Equipos de ensayo para medir la resistencia a desgarro Elmendorf.

Our Equipment for Testing Elmendorf Tear

Thwing-Albert has three models of testing equipment for Elmendorf tear testing. Our selection includes:

Electronic Elmendorf ProTear

The electronic Elmendorf ProTear tester evaluates the tear resistance of materials. Its two pendulums can be fit with various augmenting weights between 200 and 12,800 grams.

This electronic model has enhancements such as automatic calculation of results and statistics, which are displayed on the touchscreen or sent to a connected computer for further analysis. Operators can run tear tests and track data with one touch on the display.

  • Optional Automatic Pendulum Return for ProTear: The automatic pendulum return is an optional feature that can be integrated into the ProTear Elmendorf Tear Tester. When the test is complete, it automatically returns the pendulum to the starting position. This tool eliminates the need for manual resetting, reduces operator fatigue and decreases the chance of injury. For high-volume testing, the automatic return increases testing efficiency by allowing the user to complete tests faster.
  • Optional MAP4 Software: Our materials testing software is available for customers who would like to run detailed reports and have access to in-depth data. A preloaded test will be available and is configured to meet the industry standards from ASTM, TAPPI, and others.

Mechanical Elmendorf

The Mechanical Elmendorf is the mechanical model of our popular Electronic Elmendorf ProTear Tester. The mechanical tear tester has the same pendulum configuration as the electronic model without the electronic components. Its capacity range is 400 to 12,800 grams to measure Elmendorf tear strength. The results are obtained by a pointer on a scale of 0 to 100% and recorded by the end user manually.

Heavy Duty Electronic ProTear

The heavy duty Elmendorf tear tester has the same software as our electronic ProTear tester but is integrated with rugged instrumentation. This model is used for heavy-weight materials such as denim, sailcloth and canvas. Using the augmenting weights, operators can reach capacities of 6,400, 12,800, and 25,600 grams. The sample is secured to two clamps, the attached blade makes the initial tear and the pendulum tests the tear resistance.

Sample Preparation

  • Elmendorf Tear Sample Cutter: The Elmendorf tear sample cutter prepares samples of uniform size for Elmendorf tear testing. Operators can maintain precise control over the sample preparation with the cutter’s dual blade movements. Samples can be cut up to 6 inches long and 2.48 inches wide.
  • Alfa Die Cutters: Our pneumatic and electro-hydraulic die cutters can prepare test specimens of various sizes and shapes to meet a wide range of applications. Single and multi-configuration cutting dies are available.

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