Mordazas y Aditamentos para Aparatos de Tensión

Thwing-Albert ofrece una amplia gama de mordazas, útiles y accesorios para equipar su probador universal de tracción de materiales. Grips se enumeran a continuación se pueden adaptar a muchos fabricantes de máquinas de prueba. ¿No ve lo que está buscando? Podemos fabricar accesorios personalizados y mordazas para aplicaciones de pruebas de muchos.

Selecting the correct grip and grip faces is critical for testing success. When selecting tensile grips, many factors have to be given consideration including load capacity of the grips, the opening distance, pneumatic grips or mechanical grips, and grip face selection…

Thwing-Albert recommends pneumatic grips to eliminate one more variable as the grips will always close at the same pressure, as opposed to the mechanical grips where individuals may tighten the grips differently. Grip inserts are available as smooth, serrated, line contact, and rubber covered. Proper insert selection is important because serrated inserts work well for fiberglass mat, but are too aggressive for plastic films and often result in sample breaks at the grip. Thwing-Albert would recommend rubber covered inserts to prevent slippage for flexible packaging materials. Make sure your grips are rated high enough to hold your sample and avoid slippage. Also, if using pneumatic grips, check that your incoming airline pressure is set according to the manufacturer’s recommendation.