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Instruments for Ink Proofing and Color Testing

Thwing-Albert’s ink-proofing instruments are among the most accurate and efficient tools for color matching in packaging and commercial printing applications. Our QuickPeek® color proofing kit and QuickPeek® roller assembly offer a foolproof method for ensuring precise color strength and matching.

QuickPeek® Color Proofing Kit

Our QuickPeek® Color Proofing Kit features a wooden case with the materials and tools to create an accurate proof replicating a specific ink color. These proofs indicate how an actual color will appear when coming off a printing press, allowing converters to create fast samples for customer approval.

The kit contains a steel measuring bar, a smooth flat plate, a steel spatula, pipe cleaners and a plunger for ink collection. The roller assembly is sold separately.

The color-proofing kit also includes a guide showing the precise amount of ink needed for specific types of paper, paperboard or other press stock. The process involves applying the necessary amount of ink in the measuring bar’s holes and distributing the ink onto the roller’s surface. From there, the ink flows to the plate, where it distributes evenly across the plate and roller surfaces. 

Operators apply the inked-up roller to a substrate to show the precise color the press will produce with the selected ink.

QuickPeek® Roller Assembly 

The QuickPeek® Roller Assembly is compatible with the QuickPeek® Color Proofing Kit. The assembly features a roller made from a nitrile polyvinyl chloride (PVC) blend that works with various ink formulas, including conventional, ultraviolet (UV) and hybrid inks. The roller ensures even ink distribution on the plate when creating a proof.

Why Use the QuickPeek® Color Proofing Kit and Roller Assembly?

Benefits of using these products include:

  • Ensure correct color matching and trapping.
  • Eliminate press downtime.
  • Indicate the quantity of ink needed for precise color strength.
  • Prevent offset and sticking.
  • Provide proofs for testing dry time.
  • Show the difference between the wet and dry color tones.
  • Create proofs for quick customer approval.
  • Offer a cost-effective method for verifying ink colors at the press side. 

Trust Thwing-Albert for All Your Ink Proofing Needs

Thwing-Albert has been a worldwide leader in manufacturing high-performance testing instruments since 1899. Our ink-proofing test equipment is one example of our many superior product offerings. In addition, we supply other essential equipment for press rooms and quality control departments, including instruments for determining apparent tack and equipment for measuring ink abrasion resistance.

Our experts have decades of combined experience helping clients choose the most reliable, accurate and cost-efficient testing equipment for their unique applications. Contact us today for more information or to request pricing.