Instrumentos para Ensayos de Pulpa

Equipos de ensayo para medir las propiedades físicas de los materiales de celulosa.

Equipment for Testing Pulp

Thwing-Albert offers a variety of pulp testing equipment, including:


Disintegrators for pulp testing are used for wet disintegration of pulp samples. Disintegrators dissolve pulp suspensions by separating the fibers in the pulp from the pulp stock while maintaining the integrity of their structural properties.

This equipment also correctly prepares pulp suspensions for determining refinement efficiency. Laboratories can use disintegrators to prepare laboratory sheets for physical testing.

Our disintegrators operate to various standards, such as TAPPI T205 and International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 5263-1.

Freeness Testers

Freeness testers measure the rate of drainage for diluted pulp suspensions. The drainage rate is an index of the refining degree of the pulp sample based on the fiber’s surface conditions and swelling.

Laboratories can use a freeness tester to track changes in the drainage rate of chemical pulps throughout the beating and refining processes. The testers can also help laboratories understand pulp properties and their influences on sheet forming.

Thwing-Albert has freeness testers for various kinds of pulps in aqueous suspension based on the concentration of the pulp sample.


Pulper equipment evaluates the quality, additives and processes of virgin and secondary fibers. The defibering process removes impurities from the pulp to prepare the pulp stock for further manufacturing processes.

Our pulpers represent various size options to accommodate all samples. This equipment has stainless steel construction and motors up to 3 horsepower (HP).


Refiners and digesters for pulp refine and defiber pulp samples. Quality control and research and development laboratories use refiners for studying pulp, paper and boards.

Refiners use refining discs to purify pulp stock. The pulp is turned within the housing, and the pressure between the housing and blades refines the pulp. Digesters beat chemical pulps and are used for desfibration of semi-digested raw material fibers. 

Thwing-Albert has several types of refiners and digesters applicable to TAPPI T248, ISO 5264/2 and other standards.

Sheet Dryers

Sheet dryers dry pulp sheets at a precise temperature, drying time and drum speed. Control over these variables achieves rapid, consistent drying. Sheet dryers can dry hand sheets from any sheet mold.

Our sheet dryer options represent several sizes to accommodate many hand sheet dimensions.

Sheet Formers

Sheet formers produce standard laboratory hand sheets. Suction from the water column flow creates sheets from a pulp suspension on a wire screen.

Quality control and research and development laboratories use sheet formers to physically and optically study pulps, papers and chemical additives. This equipment helps determine if the pulp material meets ergonomic and modern performance requirements.

Sheet Press

Sheet press equipment is critical for physical pulp testing. The sheet press presses the hand sheet before being dried on air. The equipment makes the pressing process repeatable and reproducible for consistent samples.

Sheet presses by Thwing-Albert are applicable to various ISO and TAPPI standards.

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