Fuerza de Apertura

Equipos de ensayo para medir la fuerza de apertura.

Opening Force Testing Equipment

Our equipment for testing opening force includes:

1270 PCA Score Bend & Opening Force Tester

The score bend and opening force tester measures the amount of force required to bend or open scored paper cartons and paperboard. It also measures the spring back after folding to predict sealing and gluing needs for the material.

The data obtained from this tester can be used to configure machinery on the packaging line. As cartons move through the production line to be filled with product, these testers ensure the cartons will open as expected to be packed correctly.

This fixture complies with the TAPPI T577 standard.

Vacuum Opening Force Fixture

The Vacuum Opening Force Fixture tests the amount of force required to open cartons, paperboard or boxes that have been folded. The fixture simulates how the carton would be opened on the production line using vacuum pumps. Various sample sizes can be used with this fixture, and the suction cups can be changed based on the sample material.

This fixture is configured for use on the VantageNX Universal Testing Machine. It can be adapted to adjust to other testing needs, such as peel and seal strength for lids and films.

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