Transmisión de Vapor de Agua

Equipos de ensayo para medir la transmisión de vapor húmedo.

Equipment for Testing Water Vapor Transmission

Thwing-Albert offers various WVTR testing equipment to measure water vapor permeability. These options include several EZ-cup vapometers that ensure easy loading and secure sealing of materials like specialty paper, building materials, foil, vinyl, laminates and other thin-sheet substrates.

EZ-Cup Vapometer Permeability Cups

Our vapometer cups consist of a lightweight aluminum container, a flanged ring and two neoprene gaskets to seal the sample in place. This design eliminates edge leakage while providing fast and stable sealing between the gaskets. Users can quickly load and secure the specimens by simply twisting the upper flange into place.

Options include:

  • 68-3000 (2-inch EZ-Cup): Part number 68-3000 features a 2-inch depth with a 2 ½-inch diameter to test samples up to 1/8 inches thick. The cup weighs 150 grams and complies with ASTM E96 testing requirements. 
  • 68-3002 (¾-inch EZ-Cup): Part number 68-3002 has a ¾-inch depth and a 2 ½-inch diameter capable of testing samples up to 1/8 inches thick. The device weighs 127 grams and complies with ASTM E96.
  • 68-3003 (½-inch EZ-Cup): Part number 68-3003 provides a ½-inch depth with a 2-½ inch diameter to measure samples up to 1/8 inches thick. It weighs 123 grams and complies with ASTM E96.
  • 68-3014 – SAE J2665 (2-inch depth): Part number 68-3014 offers a vapometer package to meet SAE J2665 testing procedures for measuring water vapor permeability through the cup weight loss method. The cup features a 2-inch depth and a 2-½ diameter and comes with a wire mesh screen and a top Teflon ring.

Vapometer Sample Cutters

Thwing-Albert’s sample cutter die punches have 2.9375-inch diameters to cut the perfect size sample for our EZ-Cup Vapometer Permeability Cups. Options include:

  • Vapometer Sample Cutter — Die Punch: Our Die Punch Sample Cutter pairs with our press-style Alfa cutters to prepare specimens by placing the material into the die and then attaching the die to the press. Die heights are available in ¾ or 1-¼ inch sizes.
  • Vapometer Sample Cutter — Mallet Die Punch: Our Mallet Die Punch Sample Cutter allows you to prepare a circular specimen by placing the material under the die and using a mallet to strike the handle to cut the sample.

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