Equipos de ensayo para la medición de la rigidez.

Our Stiffness Testing Equipment Inventory at Thwing-Albert

Operators can achieve accurate, repeatable results with Universal Testing Machines (UTMs), the Handle-O-Meter, bending resistance testers and taber stiffness testers.

Universal Tensile Testing Machines

  • VantageNX Tensile Testing Machine: Meet various material testing needs with the VantageNX Universal Testing Machine. Test the stiffness of paperboard, food packaging, textiles, tissue paper, flexible packaging, plastic film and other materials.
  • VantageNX Duo Tensile Tester (5kN): The VantageNX Duo Tensile Tester has a 5kN capacity to suit applications requiring larger grips and sample areas. Available options include 26-inch, 36-inch and 47-inch models.
  • QC-3A Universal Testing Machine: The QC-3A UTM by Thwing-Albert is a cost-effective stiffness testing solution featuring a digital load controller, software capabilities and an RS-232 interface. Testing remains accurate throughout the entire load range.


Our Handle-O-Meter measures handle, or the combination of surface friction and flexibility on sheeted materials, such as textiles, toweling, nonwovens, film and tissue. This instrument is faster and more reliable than sensory panels or other methods.

Its testing method accurately measures the material's performance in real-world use and production processes. Applicable industry standards include ASTM D2923, TAPPI T498, INDA IST 90.3 and several others.

1270 PCA Score Bend Tester

While originally developed for the paperboard carton industry as a means to measure the bend resistance at a scored line, the Model 1270 PCA Score  can be a useful to tool for other applications in which measuring a materials resistance to bending is critical including thin metals, composites and plastic sheeting.  

Bending Resistance Testers

  • RL-BRT-A Bending Resistance Tester: The RL-BRT-A tester determines the degree of bend for paperboard and paper materials. This instrument features a touchscreen graphical interface and allows users to configure the test conditions to match their specific requirements. The sample holder holds the material at a precise angle and curve and records the results when the load cell touches the sample.  This machine is ideal for meeting ISO 2493, SCAN P29, DIN 53121, BS 3748, TAPPI T556, NFQ 03-048, IS 3748.
  • Gurley 4171 Bending/Stiffness Tester: The Gurley 4171 tester measures the force required to bend a material sample. The sample can be up to 6 millimeters thick, representing one of 15 possible sizes.  There are two models available one for sheeted materials and the other is ideal for testing tubing.  Controlled and repeatable testing conditions ensure reliable results to meet standards including TAPPI T543 and ASTM D6125-97.

Taber Stiffness Testers

The Taber Stiffness Testers are used to meet industry standards including ASTM D5342, ASTM D5650, ISO 2493, TAPPI T489, TAPPI T566.  

  • 150-B Taber Stiffness Tester: The 150-B tester is a two-directional pendulum weighing system. It applies force to the lowest end of the sample and records a Taber Stiffness Unit rating when the pendulum reaches 15 degrees. 
  • 150-E Taber Stiffness Tester: The 150-E tester works with a high-resolution optical encoder and noncontact photo sensor to achieve automatic, repeatable and accurate stiffness testing results. Its potential applications include paper, cardboard, wire, foil, plastic and any material under 5.5 millimeters thick.

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For over 125 years, Thwing-Albert has been the leader in equipment for testing stiffness. We design and manufacture the instrumentation in our inventory and can tailor our solutions to any company's testing requirements.

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