Testing equipment for evaluating the impact of vibration on packaging.

Packaging Vibration Testers

Thwing-Albert offers two package vibration testing options to evaluate the packaging integrity of various products. Our equipment supports product quality assurance for various industries. Companies can decide if their packaged products are ready for transport and will arrive at their destination intact.

VMX-1100 Package Shaker Vibramax

The VMX-1100 is a small package shaker that tests external and internal packaging integrity. This equipment uses a rigid 500 by 500 millimeter (mm) platform to provide uniform vibration. An optional 750 by 750 mm platform is available upon request. The adjustable restraining fences hold the package in place as the machine simulates vibrations.

It provides 25.4 mm peak-to-peak vertical sinusoidal motion to provide uniform vibration across the entire tested package. Technicians can adjust the frequency between 2 and 5 Hertz (Hz) and 120 and 300 revolutions per minute (RPM) to set exact frequency standards for uniform testing. Users can test packages under their specific resonance frequencies, determining destructive performance in minimal testing sessions.

Its applicable standards include ASTM D999/A1 and ISO 2247/B, which specify the standard test methods for the vibration testing of shipping containers and packages.

VMX-1100R Package Shaker Vibramax

The VMX-1100R package shaker provides laboratory simulation of vibrations, impacts and destructions that a package may face during shipping. The design is rugged and requires minimal maintenance for reliable operation.

The 500 by 500 mm platform holds the package and restrains it with adjustable fences. A 750 by 750 mm platform and custom-made restraining fences are available upon request.

A uniform vibration input is applied to the entire test specimen so the technician can set specific and repeatable testing conditions. Technicians can operate the VMX-1100R instrument from a remote control panel.

This equipment complies with testing standards ISO 2247 Methods A and B (A/B) and ASTM D999 Method A2 for repetitive rotary shock on packages.

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