Cámaras Ambientales

Cámaras ambientales proporcionan la capacidad de evaluar el efecto de la temperatura sobre las propiedades físicas de los materiales.

Purpose of Environmental Test Chambers

Environmental chambers evaluate the effects of temperature on a sample’s physical properties. T As a result, the chamber can simulate the real-life environment the product will perform in.

Environmental Chamber Applications

This instrumentation makes it possible for technicians to study effects on products for biological research, controlled temperature storage, shelf life testing, drug stability studies and more. Environmental test chambers are beneficial for industries such as consumer goods, packaging, aerospace, medical, automotive and pharmaceutical.

Chamber Testing Instrumentation From Thwing-Albert

Environmental Chamber for Tensile Strength Testing

Our Environmental Chamber for Tensile Strength Testing controls the environmental conditions to complete climate-controlled tensile strength testing. The large 20-inch internal height dimension of the test chamber accommodates many sample substrates, including laminates, composites, fibers, textiles, plastic film and more. The built-in viewing window and internal light allow technicians to observe the testing process.

This chamber can be configured for hot or cold applications. Technicians can set the temperature controls between minus 100 and 600 degrees Fahrenheit. The chamber is also compatible with several grip and fixture options, depending on your testing requirements. Change them out easily with the large internal space.

We have single- or dual-screw Universal Testing Machine configurations available, which are compatible with our VantageNX Tensile Strength Testing Machine, VantageNX Duo Tensile Strength Tester and Vantage-10 Tensile Strength Tester. The chamber can be mounted to a roller mounting bracket to move the chamber when not in use. It arrives pre-mounted on a Vantage frame and slides on bearings so technicians can complete testing with or without the chamber.

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