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VantageNX Tensile Testing Machine

A powerful tool that can be equipped to meet a variety of materials testing needs

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FP-2260 Friction/Peel Tester

Versatile and Compact – Select setups for testing of COF, Peel and Seal Strength.  

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Heat Sealer Slide

CeraTek Laboratory Heat Sealers

Browse the full line of medical pouch and tray sealers.  CeraTek laboratory heat sealers conform to ASTM F2029 Test Method.  

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ProGage_Slide testing

ProGage Thickness Tester

If you need precise thickness measurements this is an advanced micrometer that can evaluate your material quickly and accurately for thickness.

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Material Testing Equipment Manufacturer

lab testing equipmentFor more than a century, Thwing-Albert Instrument Company has designed and manufactured testing machines for measuring the physical properties of a range of materials, such as adhesives, paper, paper tissue, packaging, plastics, nonwovens, textiles and foils. Research laboratories, quality control departments and academia worldwide have come to rely on our testing instrumentation to accurately measure key physical attributes, such as tensile and elongation, coefficient of friction (COF), tear resistance, puncture resistance, adhesion strength, thickness, compressive resistance, compressibility, flexural strength and the like.

Thwing-Albert partners with the manufacturers and converters of materials to provide quality testing equipment to meet routine and custom testing protocols. When laboratories and production lines have access to our equipment, they can effectively evaluate the materials that are used in everyday products. The data provided by our instrumentation provides organizations with the information they need to improve and maintain the quality of their products.

While material quality is essential to the consumer experience, it’s also vital for meeting quality standards such as ISO, ASTM and TAPPI. Thwing-Albert manufactures these testing machines to meet product specifications and comply with quality standards before sending products to market. Our testing machines are also essential in research and development (R&D) for introducing new materials and meeting sustainability goals.

Featured Categories

Adhesive Testing Equipment

When identifying glues and adhesives for packaging and products, these solutions need to withstand various stresses and environments. Test properties such as peel, seal, tensile and shear strength for adhesive materials with a variety of equipment options.

Packaging Testing Equipment

Packaging can encompass a wide range of materials including paper, paperboard and plastic film. Since this packaging may have to withstand rough transportation and protect important components, testing is critical for confirming the quality of these various materials. Depending on the purpose of the packaging, materials will need to be tested for puncture/impact resistance, compressive resistance, burst resistance and seal integrity.

Nonwoven Testing Equipment

Nonwoven materials use heat, chemicals or pressure to combine fibers, and they’re used in industries such as medical, automotive and agriculture for their durability. Test properties such as tensile strength, porosity, stiffness, softness and thickness of fabric-like materials that are neither knitted nor woven. 

Paper Testing Equipment

The pulp and paper industry has stringent requirements for the physical properties of paper products. Test for properties such as tensile, thickness, COF, burst strength, internal bond strength, tear resistance and absorbency.

Tissue Testing Equipment

Tissue paper has many uses in packaging and consumer products, and it must meet standards from ASTM, ISO and TAPPI. Test for properties that include wet and dry tensile strength, elongation, thickness, burst strength, softness, compressibility and absorbency. 

Plastic Testing Equipment

Plastic film has many applications in food and beverage packaging alongside other industries such as construction and medical. Test for properties such as tensile, elongation, modulus, yield strength and puncture resistance. Other important properties include thickness, COF, impact resistance, film blocking and heat seal strength.

testing equipment

Excelencia en Ensayo de Materiales

Midiendo las propiedades físicas de los materiales.

Featured Instruments

Industry Quality Standards

Satisfacen Normas Industriales

Take control of materials testing machine configuration with built-to-order instruments to meet quality standards critical to the production process.  Equip your laboratory with equipment to meet industry-related requirements. 

ASTM, TAPPI, ISO, INDA, y muchas otras más

Recent News

Updated NWSP Standards for Nonwovens

This year, EDANA and INDA, the leading global nonwovens associations, have jointly launched the 2021 edition of standard procedures for the nonwovens and related industries. The Nonwovens Standard Procedures (NWSP) provides test procedures and guidance to support quality applications across the nonwovens and related industries.