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Seleccione su característica de prueba desde el menú de la izquierda para encontrar equipos de ensayo de materiales para satisfacer sus necesidades. Los productos siguientes son algunos de los instrumentos populares fabricados por la empresa Thwing-Albert Instrument para la medición de las propiedades físicas de una variedad de materiales.

Learn more about some of the most requested material testing properties and the equipment available to meet these applications.

  • Adhesion testing equipment: Manufacturers of adhesives, tapes and coatings require an accurate means to quantify the adhesion and bonding strength of their materials as it relates to the substrate being used. Either insufficient or overly aggressive bond strength can provide poor performance for the intended application. The 2260 Friction/Peel Tester and the VantageNX Materials Tester are ideal solutions for these applications given the versatility and accuracy of these instruments.
  • Tensile strength testing equipment:  Tensile and elongation testing is widely used to determine a material’s strength when stressed under controlled conditions. The data provided by these tests will allow engineers to determine the optimal mechanical properties of materials that will be used in the final products. A material’s ultimate strength, yield point, stiffness and elongation characteristics can be determined quickly and accurately with the VantageNX Materials Tester.
  • Puncture resistance testing equipment: Puncture resistance is a vital property to measure for materials designed to resist puncture or rupture. This property is applicable to plastic films, rubber and membranes used to either contain an item or provide protection for a contained item from an outside force such as food and pharmaceutical packaging. Additionally, puncture tests can be used to measure the effectiveness of the object that is making the puncture such as a syringe, needle or blade. The VantageNX is an ideal platform for these tests as it can be configured with a variety of test fixtures, load cells and accessories to meet routine and custom testing applications.

Burst Strength Test

The mechanical burst strength of materials is critical in the packaging industry for product shelf life, shipping stability and how the material performs in end-use applications such as corrugated and paperboard containers. In addition, sheet materials such as paper, paper tissue and textiles can be evaluated to determine their resistance to rupture. The Mullen-type burst test is most commonly used for packaging materials while a specialized burst test was developed for low strength material such as paper tissue and nonwovens.

Impact Testing Equipment

Our impact testing equipment accurately evaluates a material’s ability to withstand dynamic impact forces. The ASTM D3420 Spencer Impact Tester gauges the impact resistance of plastic film and other packaging materials using an Elmendorf Tear Tester equipped with a Spencer Impact Attachment. A pneumatic clamp secures the sample and is punctured by a probe attached to a swinging pendulum. Pendulum capacities of 200 to 12,800 grams are available. Our ASTM D1709 Dart Drop Impact Tester drops a weighted dart to test the impact resistance of plastic films, textiles and coated paper. The instrument can be configured to meet both Method A and B of ASTM D1709 with adjustable drop heights of 26 or 60 inches and dart weights up to 2000 grams.

Opening Force Testing Equipment

This is a very specific application for paperboard and some light corrugated box materials. The opening force setup on the PCA Score Bend Tester simulates how folded boxes open when moving through the production line, and that force is important to efficiency and quality in packaging design.

Thickness Testing Equipment

The accurate thickness measurement of material is critical for both a material’s designed use and for efficient manufacturing. Our ProGage Thickness Tester is an accurate, repeatable and intuitive micrometer designed to measure the thickness of sheeted materials up to 0.500” (12.7 mm). Using a dead weight principle to exert a constant pressure on a sample, the ProGage can be configured to meet a wide range of applications including paper, paperboard, paper tissue, plastic film, textiles, nonwovens and foils. 

ZDT Testing Equipment

Choose from our Internal Bond Tester to test your paper’s internal bonding strength or Vantage Z-Directional Tensile Tester to test glue bonding and delamination for paper, linerboard and coated fine papers. 

Heat Sealers

Heat sealers are an invaluable tool for packaging applications as they afford the user the ability to replicate the sealing conditions found on production lines. For R&D applications, the user can adjust the critical parameters that create an effective seal such as temperature, pressure and dwell time. To further facilitate the understanding of how various temperatures will affect the seal, units are available in a gradient or multi-zone configuration. Once the seal is created, the use of our VantageNX or Model 2260 will provide quantitative data showing the strength of the seal.

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