Instrumentos para Ensayos de Tintas / Artes Gráficas

Equipos de ensayo para la medición de las propiedades físicas de la tinta y materiales de artes gráficas.

Graphic Arts Ink Testing Equipment

Thwing-Albert offers an extensive selection of testing equipment for measuring the physical properties of ink and graphic arts materials. Laboratories, design departments and production facilities worldwide use these devices to monitor quality control.

Inkometer 1100

The Inkometer 1100 measures printing ink's apparent tack under conditions closely resembling the ink-distribution process of a printing press. This device accurately and efficiently measures the forces involved with ink film splitting and the effects of film thickness, roller speed, solvent evaporation and temperature. To ensure optimal quality control during press production, the Inkometer 1100 allows you to compare different inks, including both standard and ultraviolet (UV). 

Ink Rub Testers

Ink Rub Testers are designed to evaluate the scuffing or rubbing resistance of an ink film or printed materials as means to predict durability during use and transport. This instrument can be used with paper, paperboard, corrugated, plastic film, ceramics and other substrates where print adhesion and rub resistance are critical. To measure rub resistance, a specimen is attached to a weighted sled and moved back and forth in a slight arc at a constant speed and defined number of strokes.

We offer a variety of ink rub testers with options such as weighted sleds of 2 and 4 pounds, variable speeds, heated sleds/platforms, programmable test strokes and various sample preparation tools. Applicable standards include TAPPI T830, ASTM D5264, ASTM F1571, ASTM F2497 and FINAT FTM 27. Explore the Ink Rub Tester models we offer.

QuickPeek Color Proofing Kit

Thwing-Albert's QuickPeek Color Proofing Kit consists of a wooden case containing all the tools needed for proofing ink for printing applications. This kit can quickly and accurately create a proof that replicates the exact appearance of specific ink colors on a substrate before going to press. This system provides a cost-effective method of verifying color quality and strength. The roller assembly for the kit is sold separately.

Spectrophotometer (RL-SPM-A)

The Rycolab RL-SPM-A Spectrophotometer uses advanced technology designed specifically for the paper and packaging industry and automotive supply chain to visualize, analyze and report color results for quality control. The device incorporates tolerance methods, indices, graphs and various sight sources to produce highly accurate results. It features a built-in, easy-to-read 12-inch touch screen and can easily connect to a PC to download test results.

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