Equipos de ensayo para la medición de la compresión.

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Our Testing Equipment for Compression

Thwing-Albert provides various types of equipment for testing compression, such as:

VantageNX Tensile Testing Machine

The VantageNX is a universal testing machine (UTM) for testing compression and other physical qualities such as tensile strength and coefficient of friction. Various grips and fixtures can be used to accurately test food packaging, tissue paper, textiles, flexible packaging and other materials.

The VantageNX is designed for quality control, engineering, and research and development and utilizes our MAP4 software to provide a complete testing platform. The user is provided with a comprehensive library of tests along with the tools to develop custom test methods.

Compression Platens and Fixtures

TA23 Circular Aluminum/Steel Compression Platen: The TA23-AL compression platen completes general compression testing on cardboard, plastics and soft material samples. It adheres to common industry standards from the Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry (TAPPI).

TA36 Square Aluminum/Steel Compression Platen: The TA36 square compression platen tests soft samples, plastics and cardboard using anodized aluminum compression plates.

Compression Fixtures: Compression fixtures are available in a variety of sizes and materials to meet specific needs, allowing the user to assess compressive strength up to the capacity of the test instrument.

Foam Compression Fixture: The foam compression fixture compresses expanded cellular materials. The elevated platform has perforations to allow air to escape during testing.

Vantage Compression Tester/Softness/Tissue Tester: The Vantage compression tester measures compressibility, thickness and loft to objectively measure the sample’s softness.

Box Compression Testers

The RL-BCT-A box compression tester measures the compressive strength of finished packages made from corrugated boxes and cartons.

Crush Tester

A crush tester is designed to measure the compressive strength of corrugated board, linerboard, medium and paperboard. This instrument is configured to perform the following tests based on published standards:

Edge crush tests (ECT) to measure the edgewise compressive strength of corrugation.

Concora crush tests (CCT) to measure the compression resistance of corrugated materials.

Ring crush tests (RCT) to measure the edgewise compression.

Pin adhesion tests (PAT) to measure the adhesion strength of the layers.

Short Span Compression Testers

The RL-SCC-A and SCT-21 short span compression testers measure the compression strength of containerboard in accordance with TAPPI T826, ISO 9895, DIN 54518 and BS 7325. The compressive strength of linerboard and medium can be used to predict the compressive strength of corrugated board and boxes. A 15-millimeter (mm) sample is placed into open clamps, and the clamps compress the material at 3 mm per minute until the sample fails.

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