Equipos de ensayo para la medición de la punción.

Our Equipment for Testing Puncture Resistance

Thwing-Albert has several puncture testing equipment options, including:

VantageNX Tensile Testing Machine and Puncture Fixtures

The VantageNX Tensile Testing Machine is a universal testing machine (UTM) that can perform many types of material testing, including puncture tests on textiles, flexible packaging, paper, tissue paper, food packaging, plastic film and paperboard. Its various grips and fixtures enable this single machine to perform numerous types of testing. Choose from capacities of 1 kN, 2 kN or 5 kN depending on the model. Interchangeable load cells range from 5 N to 5 kN.

Our Vantage Tissue Burst Tester is a specialized configuration of the VantageNX UTM. This setup conducts wet and dry burst testing for tissue and toweling samples. During the testing process, the material is held in a pneumatic clamp for simple, secure operation. This system can meet common puncture standards including TAPPI T570, ASTM D6548 and ISO 12625-9, ISO 12625-11 and other standards.

Thwing-Albert has these fixtures for the VantageNX UTM:

  • ASTM F1306 Puncture Fixture: The pneumatic ASTM F1306 fixture applies 200 N (20 kg) to film, laminates, packaging and other flexible materials.
  • Pneumatic Film Puncture Fixture: Our pneumatic film puncture fixture penetrates the sample with a probe. The probe diameter, sample holder height and circular opening diameter are changeable.
  • ASTM D4833 Puncture Fixture: The ASTM D4833 Puncture Fixture is a puncture fixture that penetrates geomembranes, geotextiles and similar products. The index puncture resistance is measured.
  • ASTM D6241 & ISO 12236 Puncture Fixture: This puncture fixture uses a 50-millimeter probe to test the static puncture strength of geotextiles and related products.
  • ASTM D751 Puncture Fixture: The ASTM D751 Puncture Fixture is a screwdriver puncture instrument that applies 200 N (20 kg) of force to rubber-coated fabrics.
  • TAS174 Puncture Fixture (ASTM D5748): The TAS174 Puncture Fixture tests the protrusion puncture resistance in stretch wrap film according to the ASTM D5748 standard.

Impact Testing Machines

  • ASTM D3420 Spencer Impact Tester: The Spencer Impact Tester tests the impact resistance of packaging materials and plastic films. It recreates the strain rates the material experiences in the end-use application and tests its puncture strength. It’s designed for our Elmendorf Tear Testers.
  • ASTM D1709 Dart Drop Impact Tester: The Dart Drop Impact Tester uses a free-falling dart to test the impact resistance of materials such as coated paper and plastic film. 38.1-millimeter and 50.8-millimeter darts are available to fit your testing needs.

Puncture Resistance Testing Equipment

The Rycolab Puncture Tester (RL-PT-A) measures the amount of energy required to puncture cardboard and corrugated board material samples. A puncture head on a 90-degree circular arc is fixed on a pendulum. The energy needed to puncture, tear and open the sample completely is measured. Choose four work ranges from 6 to 48 Joules. Its applicable standards include ISO 3036, TAPPI T803 and ASTM D781.

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