Equipos de ensayo para la medición de la absorción.

Paper and Tissue Water Absorption Testers

Thwing-Albert offers a complete lineup of absorption testing equipment to evaluate a comprehensive material range. Research facilities, testing labs, quality control departments and academia worldwide depend on our equipment to assess materials in various applications across a broad industry range.

Gurley™ Cobb Sizing Tester

The Gurley™ Cobb Sizing Tester provides a practical and economical method for determining liquid absorption or resiliency of untreated or treated paper, fabric, fiberboard and other materials. The entire water absorption testing set contains the test apparatus, a 10-kilogram roller and a supply of blotting paper. We offer four different kit options with various ring sizes. 

The test determines the precise amount of water a sample absorbs under standardized conditions in a specified time. This system can also measure the absorption or resistance to absorption of other liquids, including oil, ink or beverages. 

Applicable testing standards include ISO 535 and TAPPI T441.

Semi-Automatic Cobb Tester

The Rycolab RL-SAC-A Semi-Automatic Cobb Tester determines a paper sample's water and oil absorption capacity. The system measures the amount of liquid penetrating a specimen by calculating the weight of absorbed liquid in a specified time per one square meter of paper. It includes batteries and a timer with automatic alerts indicating start time, pre-notice and test end.

Users can turn the cylinder vessel over for improved sample immersion. The tester features a glass bottom to view absorption and stainless steel construction for added durability. The set also includes a cutting template and pad for quick and accurate sample preparation.

Applicable testing standards include:

  • TAPPI T441
  • ISO 535
  • EN 20535
  • BS EN 20535
  • SCAN P12
  • DIN 53 132

Tissue Absorption Tester

The Rycolab RL-TAT-B Tissue Absorption Tester measures tissue material's water absorption rate and capacity according to ISO 12625-8. The system features a removable container for demineralized water with a side tap to regulate water levels. An intuitive touchscreen display with two control buttons indicates test results and the weight variation curve. The system also features a USB output, a USB programming input and one ethernet output.

In addition to water absorption time and capacity, the tester calculates the paper's draining time, plus the dry and wet weights. 

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