Instrumentos para Ensayos de Empaques

Equipos de ensayo para la medición de las propiedades físicas de los materiales de envasado.

Thwing-Albert designs and manufactures testing equipment for measuring packaging materials’ physical properties, including tensile, elongation, puncture/burst resistance, thickness, flexural strength, compressive strength, impact resistance, coefficient of friction, seal/peel strength, adhesion strength and heat seal strength. In addition, a full complement of sample preparation tools is available to facilitate testing.

Packaging Material Testing Equipment and Accessories

Universal Material Testers

Universal Material Testers are versatile and powerful testing instruments that allow the user to perform a variety of tests when configured with the appropriate testing accessories. Our Vantage-NX Series offers a full-featured testing platform utilizing our MAP4 Materials Testing Software. For more routine tests, our QC-3A Materials Tester provides a platform for either the lab or production floor. Tests that can be performed include the following:

  • Tensile and Elongation in accordance with ASTM D882, D638, D412, TAPPI T494
  • Puncture Resistance in accordance with ASTM F1306
  • Seal Strength in accordance with ASTM F88
  • Coefficient of Friction in accordance with ASTM D1894, TAPPI T816, ISO 8295
  • Crush Resistance in accordance with TAPPI T808, T811, T818, T821, T825, ISO 3035, ISO 3037
  • Peel Adhesion in accordance with ASTM D3330 and PSTC methods

Compression and Vibration

We offer a comprehensive line of compression, crush and vibration testing equipment to properly evaluate and predict how a package will withstand shipping and handling conditions to ensure adequate product protection during transit.

  • Box Compression: The Model RL-BCT-A allows for the measurement of compression strength of complete boxes.
  • Package Shaker: The Model VMX-1000 and VMX-1100R simulate vibration conditions that may occur during transport in accordance with ISO 2247/B and ASTM D999/A1.
  • Crush Tester: The Model RL-CT-A and CT-21 are tabletop testers to allow for a variety of crush testing, including ECT, RCT, CMT, CCT and PAT, utilizing specialized test features.
  • Short Span Compression: The Model RL-SCC-A and Model SCT-21 provide a means to measure the compression strength of paper and paperboard samples in accordance with ISO 9895, TAPPI T826, DIN 54518 and SCAN P46.

Friction and Seal/Peel Testers

The Model 2260 Friction/Peel Tester is designed to allow the user to perform coefficient of friction, peel adhesion and seal strength tests quickly and accurately in accordance with relevant industry standards, such as:

  • ASTM F88, D1894 and D3330
  • PSTC 101, 4, 15 and 55
  • ISO 8295
  • FINAT 1-6, 10 and 11

This instrument can be supplied with test fixtures for 90, 180 and T Peel testing, clamps to perform seal/peel strength analysis and a variety of COF sleds. In addition, a heated platen is available to allow for testing at elevated temperatures to 176°C (350°F).

Thickness and Tear Testers

  • The ProGage Thickness Tester is a precision dead-weight micrometer designed to accurately measure a sheeted material’s thickness. All critical test parameters such as test speed, pressure and dwell time are controlled to ensure accurate and repeatable test results. It can be configured to meet TAPPI T411, ISO 534 and ASTM D6988.
  • The ProTear Elmendorf Tear Tester is a falling pendulum instrument designed to measure the propagation of tears for paper, paperboard and plastic film material per TAPPI T414, ASTM D1922 and ISO 1974. The instrument can be configured with an optional Spencer Impact Attachment to measure impact resistance per ASTM D3420.

Paperboard Bend and Opening Strength

The Model 1270 PCA Scorebend and Opening Force Tester is designed specifically to measure the following properties of paperboard used in packaging:

  • Score Bend Strength: It measures the resistance to bend a flap at the predefined score and provides data to optimize score depth and width. It meets TAPPI T570.
  • Opening Force: Model 1270 measures the force required to open a carton when flat. This data allows machine operators to optimize form, fill and seal parameters.
  • Coefficient of Friction: This score bend tester measures the surface friction of both coated and uncoated paperboard.
  • Score Quality: It measures the score quality for corrugated material in accordance with TAPPI T829.

Heat Sealers

A full line of constant heat laboratory heat sealers is available to replicate production line heat sealing parameters. This function allows R&D and quality to monitor and adjust the sealing parameters based on the material being sealed. Heat sealers offer user-adjustable temperature, sealing pressure and dwell time.

  • CeraTek AS Series: Offered in 12-inch and 24-inch models, this unit can be configured with upper heat only or independently controlled upper and lower heated dies.
  • CeraTek AS/2 Series: The AS/2 Heat Sealers are similar to the AS Series but offer external output ports to independently verify the temperature, pressure and dwell time.
  • CeraTekTA808/1BlisterSealer: The TA808/1 Heat Sealer allows for the sealing of lidding material to a formed blister package. It can accommodate blisters up to 8 inches by 8 inches and 5 inches deep.

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