Instrumentos para Ensayos de No Tejidos

Equipos de ensayo para la medición de las propiedades físicas de los no tejidos.

Depending on the end use of a nonwoven fabric, it must be tested rigorously to ensure that it will meet the demands of the application. We offer testing equipment to accurately measure the strength, tear resistance, thickness, burst resistance, air permeability, wear resistance, softness and stiffness. A full line of sample preparation cutters is available to ensure repeatable data and facilitate testing.

Nonwovens Testing Equipment and Accessories

Universal Material Testers

Universal Material Testers are versatile and powerful testing instruments that allow the user to perform a variety of tests when configured with the appropriate testing accessories. Our VantageNX Series offers a full-featured testing platform utilizing our MAP4 Materials Testing Software. For more routine tests, our QC-3A Materials Tester provides a platform for either the lab or production floor. Tests that can be performed include the following:

  • Tensile and Elongation in accordance with ISO 9073-3, ASTM D5034, D5035, WSP 110.1
  • Tear Strength in accordance with D5733 and ASTM D5587
  • Ball Burst Strength in accordance with ASTM D6797 and WSP 110.5
  • Compressibility/Softness
  • Puncture Resistance
  • Coefficient of Friction

Thickness and Tear Testers

  • The ProGage Thickness Tester is a precision dead-weight micrometer designed to accurately measure the thickness of sheeted material. All critical test parameters such as test speed, pressure and dwell time are controlled to ensure accurate and repeatable test results. It can be configured to meet EDANA 30.5, ISO 9073-2, WSP 10.1, 120.6.
  • The ProTear Elmendorf Tear Tester is a falling pendulum instrument designed to measure the propagation of tear per ASTM D1424 and WSP 110.0.

Softness/Stiffness Testers

The softness/stiffness of a nonwoven is important to measure as it relates directly to how the fabric will be used in the final product.

  • Vantage Compression/Softness Tester: Based on our popular VantageNX Materials Tester and incorporating a specialized compression fixture, the Vantage Compression/Softness Tester measures the initial loft, thickness and rebound to gauge the compressibility and softness of the material.
  • Handle-O-Meter: The Handle-O-Meter uses a cantilever beam to depress a sample through a given slot opening to measure the flexibility of a material, taking into account the structure of the sample and surface friction of the test plates.

Air Permeability

The air permeability of a nonwoven is an important property to measure, as it directly relates to the material’s performance when used in filters, breathable liners, protective clothing and medical bandages. The measure of the fabric’s porosity directly relates to the thickness and density of the fabric.

  • Gurley™ Model 4340 Automatic Densometer & Smoothness Tester: The 4340 Densometer utilizes electronic flow meters to quickly and accurately measure the air permeability of a sample within seconds. Data is digitally reported in traditional Gurley seconds.
  • Gurley™Densometers:Standard mechanical densometers are designed to measure the length of time required to pass a given volume of air through a sample. Digital timers are available, eliminating the need for an operator to monitor the instrument during a test.

Sample Cutters

The ability to prepare test specimens accurately, efficiently and safely yields repeatable data and facilitates testing.

  • Alfa Series Die Cutters: We offer hydraulic and pneumatic die cutters that utilize interchangeable steel rule cutting dies to provide a specimen of the exact required dimensions.
  • JDC Precision SampleCutters: The JDC Precision Cutter is a twin-guillotine cutter designed to prepare a dedicated-width specimen to an accuracy of +/- 0.001”. These are the preferred cutters for tensile test specimens where edge quality is critical.

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