Retorno Automático del Péndulo for ProTear

Solo para el ProTear Electrónico.  Una solución ergonómica que elimina la necesidad de asir el péndulo al final de cada ensayo. Simplemente ponga la muestra, cierre las mordazas, corte e inicie el ensayo. El péndulo retornará a su soporte, listo para empezar el siguiente ensayo.


The Automatic Pendulum Return is an optional feature for ProTear Elmendorf Tear Electronic Testers.  
This optional setup enhances the capability of the instrument by automatically returning the pendulum to the start position after a test is complete. Now you can eliminate the need for the operator to “catch” the pendulum on the backswing and manually reset for each test. In turn this reduces the chance of injury and fatigue to the operator especially when performing a high volume of testing.

Opt to use a pre-cut specimen to configure one touch testing!

  • Increase Testing Efficiency
  • Improve Operator Safety
  • Reduce Operator Fatigue

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