EJA Vantage Tissue Burst Tester

The Vantage Burst Tester is configured with the fixture to meet ASTM D6548, ISO 12625-9:2004, ISO 12625-11 and TAPPI T570.

Tissue Burst Fixture, 25 N (5.6 lbf)


The Vantage Burst Tester

Sample Type: Tissue and toweling

Tissue Burst Fixture:  25 N (5.6 lbf)

A pneumatic clamp eliminates sample slippage and ensures rapid test set-up. An opening of 50.8 mm provides ample spare for loading the samples. An optional foot switch provides hands-free operation. It can be used for wet or dry burst testing. Complies with ASTM D6548, ISO 12625-9:2004, ISO 12625-11 and TAPPI T570.

Información adicional

Model Name

Vantage Burst

Crosshead Guidance

Precision Ball Screw

Horizontal Clearance


Depth Clearance

89 mm (3.5 in)

Crosshead Speed

1.3 to 1000 mm/min (0.05 to 40 in/min)

Crosshead Speed Accuracy


Crosshead Travel

584 mm (23 in) does not include PC

Force Measurement

High precision 2 kN (450 lbf) load cell

Force Resolution

15 bit ADC (0.003% of 1.15 x Load Cell Capacity)


Nonwovens, Packaging, Paper, Tissue

List of Standards

ASTM D6548, TAPPI T570, ISO 12625-9, ISO 12625-11, CEN1265-9

Position Resolution

0.6 um (0.00002 inch)

Power Requirements

120-230 VAC ±10%, 50/60 Hz


Diameter: 0.625 in (15.9 mm) (other sizes available)

Safety Features

Emergency stop button, upper & lower limit switches with over-travel protection and load cell overload protection.

Software Available


System Control

PC-Based with USB interface

Testing Property



Vantage Tissue Burst