Tissue Absorption Tester (RL-TAT-B)

The Rycolab RL-TAT-B is configured to measure the water absorption time and the water absorption capacity in compliance with the ISO standard 12625-8.


This device for measuring the water absorption time and the water absorption capacity has been designed in full compliance with the ISO standard 12625-8:

  • The basket should be dropped horizontally to a height of (25 ± 5) mm above the surface of the water
  • When it falls, the basket must be free so that its weight, strictly controlled to comply with the Standard, is not changed by contact with any other metal parts that could play during the immersion time.

Water-absorption time and water-absorption device automatically allow:

  • To measure the dry weight of the paper
  • To measure the water-absorption time
  • To measure the draining time
  • To measure the wet weight of the paper
  • To calculate the water-absorption capacity


  • A removable container for receiving demineralized water. A small tap is placed on the side to bring / to let the surface of the liquid to a known level.
  • A system for attaching the basket at the start of the test
  • A touchscreen display showing the results of the test as well as the weight variation curve.
  • An “elevator” system to put the water container in position.
  • Two physical control buttons
  • USB output & USB programming input
  • One Ethernet output

This tissue absorption tester is configured to comply with DIN EN ISO 12625-8

Información adicional


600 x 250 x 700 mm

List of Standards

DIN EN ISO 12625-8

Net Weight

20-28 kg


Brochure – Tissue Absorption