Software para Ensayos de Tensión

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A critical component of the test system is the software employed as it is designed to control the motion of the test frame, capture the position and force data being transmitted from the load cell and drive system, data analysis and data presentation. Based on the testing application, the requirements of the software can vary based on the test being performed, the level of motion control and the complexity of the results being calculated.

The development of our MAP4 Materials Testing Software was predicated on understanding the testing needs of our customers and providing a platform that was powerful enough to meet complex testing requirement while remaining intuitive for more routine tests. While the software is provided with a comprehensive library of test methods designed to meet published standards (i.e. ISO, ASTM, DIN, TAPPI, etc), we provide all of the tools necessary for the user to create their own, customized test method.

During a test, the software will present the test graphically in real time allowing the user to see immediately how the specimen is performing. Once the test is complete, the defined results are displayed and tabulated providing statistical data for a group of tests.

As operator and machine safety is a primary concern, the software is continuously monitoring the system and will stop motion control should a collision or overload condition is detected.

MAP4 Software was designed with the user in mind along with providing all the tools necessary to create a testing environment that is best tailored for the user. Since it is a complete package, you do not have to worry about purchasing additional modules or add-ons to accomplish your testing goals. As the possibilities are nearly limitless, we suggest that you consult with your Thwing-Albert representative to discuss your specific testing needs and see how MAP4 can plot the course best suited for you.