TAS13 Yarn and Cord Grip

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Pneumatic Grips - Bollard Style

  • TAS13k (200N)
  • TAS13m (2kN)
  • TAS13g (5kN)

Pneumatic Grips - Bollard Style (200N, 2KN and 5kN)

  • TAS13 grips are applicable (depending on type) for fibers, fine wires, cords, filaments yarns, cord, etc.
  • Guide horn with centering groove
  • 180


  • TAS13k (200N) Fibers, filaments etc up to 200N

  • TAS13m (2kN) Yarns, cords, strands etc up to 2kN
    • Small pneumatic rope grip 200N (20kg, 45 lbf)
    • Ideal for yarn, cord, twine, and mono-filaments
    • A specifically designed horn simplifies sample insertion and minimizes stress on the sample resulting in less breakage
    • Very small pneumatic rope grip 1 pair 180° 200N
  • TAS13g (5kN) Wires, strands, cords etc up to 5kN
More Information
List of Standards ASTM D7269 Tensile Testing of Aramid Yarns
Grip/Fixture Category Yarn - Rope - Wire & Cord Grips