Special Application Fixtures

Thwing-Albert has a wide array of fixtures for different test setups. Thwing-Albert has also designed many fixtures for custom applications and we would be glad to create one for you. Whether you currently have an EJA Vantage Tensile Tester or are in the market for a new Tensile Tester with custom fixturing, Thwing-Albert can help.

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We can manufacture custom tensile testing fixtures and grips for many testing applications.

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  1. Sample Vacuum Opening Force Test

    Vacuum Opening Force Fixture

    The Vacuum Opening Force Fixture is designed to test the force required to open folding cartons or boxes.  This simulates opening a folded carton or box during the filling process on the production line.  A system of an upper and lower fixture fitted with vacuum pumps are used to convert compressed air flow to suction. 

    Ideal Material Applications:
    - Folding Cartons
    - Boxes
    - Paperboard

    The Vacuum Fixture can be adapted to test peel/seal strength of lids and films from cups and trays. Using the vacuum base hold the sample in place and upper grip to peel/pull the film or lid. This can be used across many packaging applications primarily for food and medical packaging.


  2. Band Clamp Fixture from Thwing-Albert

    Band Clamps - ASTM D4964

    This fixture is designed to hold loops of textile and elastomeric materials.

    ASTM D4964


  3. High Elongation Extensometer

    High Elongation Extensometer

    The Extensometer adds the capability of testing elastomeric materials such as rubber, vinyl, semi-rigid plastics, and plastic films to the EJA Vantage Universal Materials Tensile Tester.


  4. ASTM D3354 - Blocking Fixture from Thwing-Albert

    Film Blocking Test Fixture for ASTM D3354

    This fixture is used to meet ASTM D3354 Blocking Testing of Plastic Film.


  5. Score Quality TAPPI T829

    Score Quality Fixture

    Use this fixture to measure score quality of corrugated containers according to TAPPI T829 when attached to the 1270 PCA Score Bend Tester or the EJA Vantage Series Universal Testing Machine.


  6. Handle Strength Test

    Handle Strength Fixture

    This fixture was designed to test overall strength of a reinforced handle on a plastic bag.  The fixture simulates a hand holding the sample and the test measures the breaking point to evaluate pass/fail conditions. The handle can also easily be replaced with different size/shape hooks for various pull strength or peel strength tests.

    • Bag Handles(plastic/paper) Strength
    • Bag/pouch Hole Punch strength
    • Lid/Tray Removal Force
    • Peel
    • Custom application


  7. 744 Core Test Fixture

    744 Core Test Fixture

    Capacity 5 kN (1000 lbf)

    Designed to hold dumbbell molds in order to determine tensile strength.


  8. Blister Pack Grips

    Blister Pack Grips

    Provide a solution for testing the seal strength of Blister Packs.


  9. zdt test 50mm (2in) sample

    Vantage Z-Directional Tensile Tester

    Thwing-Albert's Vantage ZDT Tester is a compact, precision computer controlled instrument that measures the internal fiber bond strength of paper, paperboard, liner board and coated fine papers.  Z-Directional force provides an indication of expected material performance relating to glue-bonding of carton corners and seams, delamination, and the use of high tack coatings. 

    - Fully automated instrument that performs sample compression, dwell time and ZDT

    - The self-adjusting test platen ensures uniform tension is applied to pull the sample apart

    - Adheres to Industry Standards: TAPPI T541 & ISO 15754



  10. Probe Tack Fixture - ASTM D2979

    Probe Tack Fixture - ASTM D2979

    This probe tack adhesion fixture is used to meet ASTM D2979 for Pressure-Sensitive Tack of Adhesives Using an Inverted Probe.


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