Peel Fixtures

Peel Fixtures simplify the testing of adhesive properties of pressure sensitive adhesives, tapes, and labels. These fixtures include 180° Peel Fixture, 90° Peel Fixture, German Wheel, and Loop Tack.

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  1. 90 Degree Peel for Vantage Series

    90 Degree Peel Fixture

    90° Peel Fixture 1 kN (225 lbf) for the Vantage Tensile Tester Series


  2. 180 Degree Peel Fixture - ASTM D3330

    180 Degree Peel Fixture

    Perform 180 peel tests according to ASTM D3330 and other industry standards using this fixture designed for universal testing machines.  Consists of 9" x 2" polished stainless steel plate which is clamped in a lower grip. One end of the sample is adhered to the plate and the other end is clamped in place by the upper grip. The sample is peeled off of the plate and the strength is measured.


  3. Delamination Fixture - ISO 10373

    Delamination Peel Fixture

    Delamination peel fixture for identification cards, credit cards and other cards.

    This fixture complies to ISO 10373.


  4. Probe Tack Fixture - ASTM D2979

    Probe Tack Fixture - ASTM D2979

    This probe tack adhesion fixture is used to meet ASTM D2979 for Pressure-Sensitive Tack of Adhesives Using an Inverted Probe.


  5. Sample Vacuum Opening Force Test

    Vacuum Opening Force Fixture

    The Vacuum Opening Force Fixture is designed to test the force required to open folding cartons or boxes.  This simulates opening a folded carton or box during the filling process on the production line.  A system of an upper and lower fixture fitted with vacuum pumps are used to convert compressed air flow to suction. 

    Ideal Material Applications:
    - Folding Cartons
    - Boxes
    - Paperboard

    The Vacuum Fixture can be adapted to test peel/seal strength of lids and films from cups and trays. Using the vacuum base hold the sample in place and upper grip to peel/pull the film or lid. This can be used across many packaging applications primarily for food and medical packaging.


  6. German Wheel Peel Fixture - DIN 53357

    German Wheel Peel Fixture

    German Wheel Peel Fixture (DIN 53357)

    Force: 10 kN (2250 lb)

    The German Wheel Peel Fixture is used to test adhesion and bond strength of tapes, adhesive backed films and foils, laminated release coatings, plastic and paper films according to DIN 53357.


  7. Loop Tack Fixture - ASTM D6195

    Loop Tack Fixture [TT-LTF-100]

    The Loop Tack Fixture [TT-LTF-100] measures the tack (instant grip) of the sample by lowering the looped material until it makes contact with a stainless steel plate and then measuring the force required to release the sample. The fixture has a tab attached that is clamped and held in place by the lower grip of the universal testing machine.  The Loop Tack Fixture provides a simple means for performing loop tack testing.

    Meet Standards for Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tapes:
    - ASTM D6195
    - FINAT FTM 9
    - PSTC 16 Loop Tack


  8. TA50+SW Variable Angle Peel Fixture

    TA50 Variable Angle Peel Test Fixture (10 kN)

    This fixture is used to measure the bond strength.  The sliding table provides a steady movement to maintain a constant angle peel (the peel point remains at the center).


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