Seal Strength

Testing equipment for measuring seal strength.

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  1. Thwing-Albert Vantage NX

    Vantage NX Universal Testing Machine

    The VantageNX Universal Testing Machine is a powerful tool that can be equipped to meet a variety of materials testing needs.  Many fixtures and grips are available for tensile testing, COF and other tests for the plastic film, flexible packaging, food packaging, paper, paperboard, tissue paper, textiles testing, and many other industries.  This universal materials testing frame can be setup for many tests when combined with the right grips and fixtures.

    - Capacities - 1kN, 2kN & 5kN
    - Single & Dual Column Testing Frames
    - Windows 7, 8 and 10 compatible with MAP4 Software


  2. Sample Vacuum Opening Force Test

    Vacuum Opening Force Fixture

    The Vacuum Opening Force Fixture is designed to test the force required to open folding cartons or boxes.  This simulates opening a folded carton or box during the filling process on the production line.  A system of an upper and lower fixture fitted with vacuum pumps are used to convert compressed air flow to suction. 

    Ideal Material Applications:
    - Folding Cartons
    - Boxes
    - Paperboard

    The Vacuum Fixture can be adapted to test peel/seal strength of lids and films from cups and trays. Using the vacuum base hold the sample in place and upper grip to peel/pull the film or lid. This can be used across many packaging applications primarily for food and medical packaging.


  3. FP-2260 Friction/Peel Tester

    FP-2260 Friction/Peel Tester

    This Coefficient of Friction Tester (COF) / Peel Tester can measure static and kinetic coefficient of friction as well as run seal strength tests, 180° peel, 90° peel, and T-peel tests.  The FP-2260 also offers a tensile test mode to perform lightweight tensile tests up to 10 kg (22 lbf).    

    Its small bench top design makes the FP-2260 light weight allowing it to be used in a laboratory or setup out on the production floor for offline testing as needed. 

    Plastic film, paper, paperboard, adhesives, labels and packaging materials are ideally tested with the FP-2260.  

    Replaces the FP225-1, FP-2255 and FP-2250


  4. Thwing-Albert Tray Peel Fixture for FP-2260

    Tray Peel Fixture for FP-2260

    The tray peel fixture is designed to measure the seal strength properties of rigid trays used in the food and medical industries.


  5. QC-3A Universal Testing Machine

    QC-3A Universal Testing Machine

    Thwing-Albert's QC Electronic Materials Testers provide quality solutions and have earned a well-deserved reputation as an easy-to-use, dependable testing platform. The QC-3A upholds the standards of the QC line while adding the functionality of a RS-232 interface, a digital load controller and enhanced software. Ideal for tensile, compression, coefficient of friction and peel analysis, the QC-3A is an extremely flexible, cost-effective testing system. The single-screw frame provides up to 1100 lbs (5kN/500 kg) tensile force with extremely accurate control throughout the entire load range. The digital load controller ensures extremely accurate, reliable test data.


  6. TAS-1 Heat Sealer

    CeraTek TA12-AS/1 Heat Sealer

    CeraTek Precision Heat Sealer on an open-back frame featuring a digital timer and temperature controller. 

    One flat upper sealing die 1” wide.

    12" and 24" models available.


  7. TASL-1 Heat Sealer

    CeraTek TA12-ASL/1 Heat Sealer

    CeraTek Precision Laboratory Heat Sealer on an open back frame with upper and lower heated jaws, each independently controlled.

    One set of 1” upper and lower sealing dies.

    12" or 24" models available.


  8. CeraTek 630 Shuttle-Style Blister Sealer

    CeraTek Shuttle-Style Blister Sealer TA630

    The CeraTek TA630 Shuttle-Style Blister Sealer is a semi-automatic shuttle blister heat sealer with built-in versatility, low tooling cost and efficient operation.


  9. TA810/1-CE - Laboratory Thermoformer

    Laboratory Thermoformer TA810/1-CE

    The TA810/1-CE is a self contained sheet fed laboratory thermoformer designed for a variety of applications.  This thermoformer has a broad spectrum of capabilities unequalled in the industry making it ideal for small production runs to produce prototypes and samples.


  10. Ceratek 12-IH/2 Impulse Bar Heat Sealer

    CeraTek TA12-IH/2 Impulse Bar Heat Sealer

    CeraTek TA12-IH/2 Laboratory Impulse Bar Heat Sealer featuring dual action cylinders, electronic timer activation, digital heating & cooling timers, a digital pressure meter and a digital temperature controller. The wire temperature is controlled via a special temperature controller designed for applications requiring a significantly higher response speed than traditional constant heat systems. The temperature is monitored with a thermocouple located on the seal bar. 220 Volts, 50/60 Hz.

    12" and 24" models available.


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