Grips for Universal Materials TestersThwing-Albert has always been able to assist customers with a variety of testing grip needs but now we are showcasing that ability on our website (click here).  With the added options available online it is now easier for customers to learn and potentially match with their testing needs with the grip catalog. Thwing-Albert is also able to develop custom grips and fixtures for the expanding world of testing, if you have a challenge we are prepared to find a solution. Choosing the proper grip and grip faces is essential for proper testing.  Some tips for grip selection include:

  • Lightweight materials like tissue and toweling we recommend grips with smooth faces
    (Thwing-Albert 733LW734K grips)
  • Paper, paperboard, plastic films, and flexible packaging, we recommend a capacity up to 212 lb/943 N (Thwing-Albert 733K grips)
  • Paper and paperboard materials, usually one side is smooth and the other is serrated.
  • For film and packaging materials rubber covered inserts are usually recommended.

In conjunction with grips Thwing-Albert is also the provider of several types of sample cutters that can prepare materials for the grips and testing procedures.  We are proud to have a wide selection of pneumatic and mechanical grips including vise grips, wedge grips, yarn & cord grips and special use fixtures. To view the grip options offered by Thwing-Albert click here.