QuickPeek Color Proofing KitThe QuickPeek® Color Proofing Kit from Thwing-Albert provides an inexpensive fool-proof method of checking ink color and strength for the ink maker and printer.

With the new case made of wood, the durability and the life of the QuickPeek® Kit will be improved. The lid is removable and equipped with a stainless steel plate for rolling the ink and testing consistency. The kit consists of a smooth flat plate, a steel measuring bar and plunger for obtaining an accurate predetermined volume of ink, a steel spatula for filling the measuring bar and pipe cleaners for cleaning the holes in the measuring bar.

The QuickPeek® Kit was developed to eliminate press downtime while ensuring correct color and trapping. It has also been successfully used to prevent offset and sticking for inks. There are many additional benefits to using the QuickPeek® Kit including accurate indication of the quantity of ink required, the ability to eliminate the need for work-off inks, produce quick color proofs for customer approval, and more.

Only a few simple steps are necessary to test and the kit fits all of the contents in designated compartments to stay organized and readily available for testing.

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