Tissue Absorption Tester (RL-TAT-A)

The Tissue Absorption Tester defines the absorbency of tissues.


The Rycolab Tissue Absorption Tester defines the absorbency of tissues.

Automatic equipment to measure the absorption capacity and immersion time in tissue paper. Consists of an arm where a 3 grams net is placed with the paper to be tested. The start button is pressed and the equipment releases the sample on the water tank. The equipment indicates the needed time for the sample to be immersed, and after 30 seconds immersed, it de-waters. By means of the difference in weight, the absorption is calculated.

A tissue is put into the standardized immersion basket (3.000 ± 1mg). This is weighed together with the basket. The operator clamps the immersion basket to the holding device of the immersion tester. After starting the instrument, the holder sinks into the water basin, which is filled with distilled water. There, the sample rest for one minute and subsequently is lifted to stay for 30 seconds in a defined angle to drain. After this, the sample and the basket are weighted again. The operator defines water absorptive capacity. After five measurements, the distilled water has to be changed. Therefore the operator opens a large outlet valve at the left side of the instrument.

  • Stainless Steel
  • Water tank with 5L capacity
  • Lowering and elevating device to support the immersion basket
  • Automatic test cycle
  • Outlet valve for quick water change
  • Quick clamping device to support the immersion basket

Applicable Standards:  DIN EN ISO 12625-8

Información adicional


600 x 250 x 700 mm

List of Standards

DIN EN ISO 12625-8

Net Weight

20-28 kg


Brochure – Tissue Absorption Tester