QuickPeek Color Proofing Kit

A QuickPeek consists of a compact kit housed in a sturdy wooden case.  This ink proofing kit is used to quickly produce a proof that replicates how ink will appear on a printed copy from the press.
(Note: Roller Assembly sold separately)


A QuickPeek consists of a compact kit housed in a sturdy wooden case. (Note: Roller Assembly sold separately) It can quickly produce a proof that replicates how ink will appear on a printed copy from the press.

The kit consists of: a smooth flat plate, a steel measuring bar and plunger for obtaining an accurate predetermined volume of ink, a steel spatula for filling the measuring bar and pipe cleaners for cleaning the holes in the measuring bar.

The roller assembly, sold separately [Part # 116-0022], consists of a nitrile pvc blend roller that will work with conventional, hybrid, and UV inks. The roller is used to distribute the ink on the plate and make a proof.

To make a proof with QuickPeek…

Quickly accomplished, use the handy guide to determine the amount of ink required for the press and paper stock to be used. Put the required amount in the holes in the measuring bar and then push ink out onto the surface of the roller. The ink is then rolled out onto the plate until evenly distributed on entire surface of plate and roller. The inked-up roller is then rolled out on the desired paperstock. This shows exactly what color your press will print with the ink being tested.

QuickPeek Functionality…

  • Eliminate press downtime
  • Ensure correct color and trapping
  • Prevent offset and sticking
  • Provide an inexpensive fool-proof method of checking ink color and strength for the ink maker and printer.
  • Accurately indicate quantity of ink required
  • Eliminate the need for work off inks
  • Provide quick, inexpensive, accurate proofs of ink on colored stock or when overprinting another color.
  • Provide proofs to test drying time, rub-off resistance and light-fastness
  • Show ink color change when dry
  • Produce quick color proofs for customer approval

For the ink maker:

QuickPeek® assists the color matcher in achieving an accurate color match and provides the production laboratory with an inexpensive, fool-proof method of determining that the color and strength of the ink being manufactured is correct.

For the printer or lithographer:

  1. Inks can be quickly and accurately evaluated to determine if the purchased ink is correct in strength and color.
  2. Determine in advance if ink on-hand will provide the correct color during a production run.
  3. If the job is to be printed on colored paper or in multicolor where one ink is printed over another, accurate proofs of the resulting color can be quickly made without going to press or using an expensive proofing method.
  4. A proof can be made and used to determine ahead of time such properties as drying time, rub resistance, light-fastness and soap fastness.
  5. It provides a quick, accurate way of determining the degree to which an ink changes color when dry. Since the sheets going into the delivery pile are still wet, the guide provides information on how they will appear when dry.
  6. Many press problems are caused by running ink that is too weak in strength. This causes the pressman to crowd the ink in order to obtain the proper color. Some of the problems created by the heavy inking film are offsetting and sticking of sheets in the delivery pile, poor trapping on a multicolor press, filling in of halftones, and failure to obtain sharp quality printing. QuickPeek® prevents such problems from occurring because the ink would have been tested and adjusted for proper strength prior to running the print job.
  7. A printer can set up an easy method to get rid of all excess work-off ink.
  8. Simple, accurate color proofs can be made quickly for customer approval.
  9. QuickPeek® provides a fast, inexpensive method for making an accurate color proof for whatever purpose the printer or ink maker may need.

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