Yarn, Rope, Wire & Cord Grips

These grips are specifically designed for testing thin, flexible materials. They ensure a secure hold to maximize test result accuracy and repeatability.

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  1. 733K Grips

    Tips for Proper Grip Selection

    Use the information here to help determine some basic information for your grip selection process. Please contact us if you don't see what you are looking for within these categories we can manufacture custom grips for many applications.


  2. TAS-13M Yarn and Cord Grips

    TAS-13M Yarn and Cord Grip

    Very small pneumatic rope grip 1 pair 180° 200N


  3. TA76 Grips

    TA76 Rope and Yarn Grips (1 kN, 5 kN and 20 kN)

    TA76 rope grips are applicable (depending on type) for filaments, cords, yarn, fine wires, narrow ribbons and ropes etc.


  4. TA170 Grips

    TA170 Capstan Rope Grip (50 kN)

    TA170 grips are applicable for ropes and ribbons up to 50kN.


  5. TAS13 Grips

    TAS13 - 2kN Yarn and Cord Grip

    Pneumatic Grips - Bollard Style
    (200N, 2KN and 5kN)


  6. ST64 Grips

    ST64 Rope Grips (10 kN)

    The ST64 have a 10kN ( 1020 kg , 2250 lbf) capacity


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