Special Application Fixtures

Thwing-Albert has a wide array of fixtures for different test set ups. Thwing-Albert has also designed many fixtures for custom applications and we would be glad to create one for you. Whether you currently have an EJA Vantage Tensile Tester, or are in the market for a new Tensile Tester with custom fixturing, Thwing-Albert can help.

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  1. ASTM D3354 - Blocking Fixture from Thwing-Albert

    Film Blocking Test Fixture for ASTM D3354

    This fixture is used to meet ASTM D3354 Blocking Testing of Plastic Film.


  2. Apple Probe Fixture

    Apple Probe Fixture

    Thwing-Albert offers a wide variety of Food Texture Fixtures.


  3. Tuft Bind Fixture

    Tuft Bind Fixture

    This fixture covers the measurement of tuft bind, i.e. the force required to pull a cut pile or loop pile tuft completely out of a pile yarn floor covering specimen.


  4. Probe Tack Fixture - ASTM D2979

    Probe Tack Fixture - ASTM D2979

    This probe tack adhesion fixture is used to meet ASTM D2979 for Pressure-Sensitive Tack of Adhesives Using an Inverted Probe.


  5. Blister Pack Grips

    Blister Pack Grips

    Provide a solution for testing the seal strength of Blister Packs.


  6. Sheet Perforation Fixture

    Sheet Perforation Fixture

    Tests the amount of force required to break various sheeted material on the perforation.


  7. Paperboard Perforation Fixture

    Paperboard Perforation Fixture

    This fixture simulates the force required to break perforations on tissue boxes or 12-pack soda cases.


  8. Heated Platen for Vantage

    Heated Platen

    The Heated Platen for EJA Vantage Series tensile testers allows peel tests to be performed at different temperatures up to 350 degrees.


  9. Band Clamp Fixture from Thwing-Albert

    Band Clamps - ASTM D4964

    This fixture is designed to hold loops of textile and elastomeric materials.

    ASTM D4964


  10. Tissue Ply Fixture

    Tissue Ply Fixture

    This fixture was designed specifically for tissue ply.


Items 1 to 10 of 20 total

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