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Previously owned equipment available for sale.

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  1. Handle-O-Meter

    Handle-O-Meter Demo Unit

    This machine was used for demonstration purposes and trade shows.  In excellent condition.

    Measure the combined effects of flexibility and surface friction of sheeted materials including nonwovens, tissue, toweling, film and textiles with the Handle-O-Meter. 


    • 100 gram beam
    • 1000 gram beam
    • 40 g Cal Weight
    • 400 g Cal Weight
    • Plate Spacing Gages 5mm, 10mm, 20mm, 1/4" 3/8"


  2. PG Dosing Unit

    PG Dosing Unit - Demo Unit

    The Pocket Goniometer Dosing unit is a programmable stand-alone pump designed to dispense liquid droplets from a disposable one mL syringe. Working in conjunction with the PG-2, PG-3 and the PGX, the PG Dosing unit provides a convenient, accurate method for testing with multiple liquids or tacky liquids.

    Carrying case included, all consumable accessories would need to be purchased separately.


    Regular Price: $2,925.00

    Special Price: $500.00


  3. ST-45 Mechanical Grips - Demonstration Set for Sale

    Previously Owned ST-45 Mechanical Grips

    Demonstration Set of Mechanical Grips for Sale

    10kN Capacity

    Includes 3in Rubber Faces

    Regular Price: $1,400.00

    Special Price: $745.00


  4. CT-AC Pin Adhesion Test

    Previously Owned CT-AC Pin Adhesion Test

    The Pin Adhesion Test (PAT) is described in TAPPI T 821 and is used to measure the force required to separate corrugated board between the flute tips of corrugated medium and its linerboard facings.


  5. CT-CA Corrugated Cutter

    Previously Owned CT-CA Circular Cutter

    Circular Cutter model CT-CA prepares disks of 100 cm and 10 in for the determination of the flat crush resistance of corrugated fiberboard used in packaging cases - FCT - Flat Crush Test.

    ISO 3035 · TAPPI T-825



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